Fifty Shades is featured in the New “One Magazine” Issue (France – October 2014). I’ve added the Scan in the Gallery and you can read below the translation. I only translated the interesting parts, if you use please credit, I spent a lot of time on it. You can find One High Quality Scan in the Gallery. Enjoy!

50 Shades of Grey
Anatomy of a mystery movie

It’s called a “no-brainer”. Such a natural evidence that it’s disarming. Yes, Fifty Shades of Grey hit the headlines when it was published and was a best seller in bookstores. A complete surprise for an unknown author, a subject (a story with domination) and a tone (erotic) highly sensitive in a part of an America so prudish.

It was starting well …
Released in 2011, the first book of Fifty Shades of Grey made sensation. Early in the following year, after a fierce competition among studios it’s Focus Features, combined with Universal Studiosthanks to a nice check for $ 5 million. A concession will be decisive: the film’s producers give to Erica special regards on the movie. And look, there will be… In fact, at the first meetings, we understand that Erica intends to make her voice heard. She picked herself producers (those from the Social Network movie) as well as the screenwriter. Louder when the film’s director Sam Taylor Johnson is chosen it’s her who share the news on twitter and not the studio.

A Christian Grey that hides another one…
When the studio announced on September 2, 2013 Charlie Hunnam got the role, fan reaction was very negative. Charlie had initially turned down the role and then accepted after reading the script with Dakota. Barely a month later, Charlie quits the project within the three weeks of filming. Officially, it’s because of the shooting of SOA but other rumors were circulating. A wave of panic swept over producers. Who will replace him?
The film originally planed for August, 01 in 2014. Can it get out in time? On November 13, Universal announced that Fifty Shades will be released for Valentine’s Day, giving six months more to the film crew to find another actor and finish the film but not only … Donna Langley from Universal is clear on that “We thought we had already decided to postpone the film even if Charlie had stayed.” The truth is that with the extra time, producers can start preparing the second film, Fifty Shades Darker. Because the commercial failure for Fifty Shades is unthinkable.

Jamie, two without three.
To replace Charlie, producers choose to take back videos of the candidates turned away. Among these are that Jamie Dornan. Drafted, he was invited to Los Angeles to express an audition. Jamie enters the room and it is Christian Grey that emerges! Jamie is a young British actor whose charisma is never went unnoticed. In France, it is especially in OUAT that stood out. He played Sheriff Graham. Jamie quickly felt comfortable in the Christian Grey Suit & his chemistry with Dakota was felt by everyone in the studio.

50 Shades of Grey: The TV Series?
The president of the channel Starz, Chris Albrecht, said he tried to obtain the rights of Fifty Shades to make a series early in 2012: “I called Universal and I proposed a series instead of a movie, I could guarantee them at least three seasons. “Unfortunately for him, Universal had other plans ..

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New Outtakes of Jamie from his Visionnaire have been released. You can find 3 New Pictures in the Gallery. Enjoy!

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Flying Home is a belgium movie with Jamie Dornan, Jan Declair and Charlotte De Bruyne in the leading roles. The movie is directed by Dominique Deruddere.

Jamie plays Colin Montgomery (Evans) a very successful business man. When a big investor wants to go with another company, Colin convinces him to sign with them if he succeed to get the bird he wants to compete in the Barcelona Race. Colin decides to fly to Belgium and met Jos (the owner of the bird) and get close to Isabelle, his granddaughter. Ruses, love, honesty are the key words of this beautiful movie.

First, you have to know that I’m french and I was born in France not so far from Belgium and I did go there several time. So this story is close to my heart. The brother of my grand father is doing pigeons racing so it was really nice to see this kind of story. I received the BluRay this week (I didn’t watch the online version) and I saw it already three times. I like to see a movie few times before doing a review to be sure I’m not missing anything.

Let’s talk about Jamie in this role, he’s amazing Colin Evans or Montgomery and I loved the fact we saw two faces of the character. First, the business who is afraid of anything and would do anything to sign a client and the other side of him discovering what love means with belgian people. Because let’s face it, Flying Home is a movie about love. I loved how Colin was struggling, falling in love with Isabelle and still have to do his job. But love won at the end and it was beautiful. I really loved Colin humor at some points, it was pretty hilarious!

I loved to see Anthony as Colin father cause we all knew me as Giles in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Colin has a really difficult relationship with him. It’s his father who made the way he is. And I’m glad we were able to see that his father actually cares and loves him.

I loved Colin and Isabelle relationship and it was really good to see it was working it at the end. I loved her character and I liked the way Colin was falling for her.

Let’s talk about the pigeons now cause they are a big part of the movie. I was never really a big fans of pigeons, I was scared by them when I was little and they were around at my grand father place. But the movie made me change my mind about those birds. The scene of Jas and Colin with the birds were trully amazing and beautiful. Especially with Wittekop when you finally know what he means to Jas. And that’s why Colin is doing everything he can to fix the damages he caused by forcing him selling Wittekop. The scene with Colin and Baby Speed was trully beautiful as well.

I already knew several places in Belgium but they were beautiful shot in the movie, the colors, the spaces, some scenes make me smile and laugh and it was a pleasure to see them. I particularly love the scene when all the birds leave, it was beautiful and the colors were amazing!

Finally as a french, the reference to the French Fries with Mayonnaise was so great, I loved the fact they put it on it.

On my final words, I would advice you to see the movie. As Jamie fan, you will love the various aspects of his character and you will love it. The story is beautiful, I didn’t see the time fly watching the movie. I’m sad the movie didn’t get much exposure because it’s a must see. I will definitely re-watch again.

Congrats Jamie Dornan, Jan Declair, Charlotte De Bruyne and Dominique Deruddere on their amazing job on this movie!

Fifty Shades is featured in the New “Empire Magazine” Issue (October 2014). You can find One High Quality in the Gallery. Enjoy!

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Flying Home is now available in BluRay and DVD and I made HD Caps from it. I uploaded a part but more will come, I need some time to sort them out. And I uploaded two HD Videos from the BluRay as well after some requests. Watch below. You can find 1,773 High Quality Caps for now in the Gallery. Enjoy!

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I added 10 Outtakes of Jamie from ES Magazine UK Photoshoot he made in 2009. You can find 10 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery. Enjoy!

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Jamie Dornan has been cast as the lead in Miramax’s psychological thriller The 9th Life of Louis Drax. Alexandre Aja (Horns, The Hills Have Eyes) will direct.

The film, which will begin shooting in Vancouver in October, marks Miramax’s return to the film production business. The once-busy label that spawned such indie hits as Shakespeare in Love and Good Will Hunting had concentrated its focus in recent years on its library assets. From its coffers, Miramax dusted off Liz Jensen’s best-selling novel of the same name, which it first optioned in 2004 with plans for the film to be adapted and directed by the late Anthony Minghella.

Max Minghella, Anthony’s son, wrote Louis Drax, which marks the actor’s screenwriting debut. Minghella is producing alongside Antcolony Films’ Tim Bricknell (The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency), Brightlight Pictures’ Shawn Williamson (50/50) and Aja. The film will be executive produced by Rosanne Korenberg (Half Nelson).

Zanne Devine, Miramax’s executive vp of production and development, will oversee the project on behalf of the studio. Sierra/Affinity will serve as the international sales agent, introducing the title at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival.

“Tim and I are thrilled this deeply personal project is being brought to fruition with passion and integrity,” Minghella said. “We look forward to collaborating with Alex and Miramax to create a truly original movie that will captivate and surprise audiences.”

The story begins on Louis Drax’s 9th birthday, when he suffers a near-fatal fall. In order to reveal the strange circumstances surrounding the young boy’s accident — Dr. Allan Pascal (Jamie Dornan) is drawn into a thrilling mystery, testing the boundaries of fantasy and reality.

BBC 2 just posted on their Youtube Chanel a New Teaser for their Series. The Fall Series 2 is in it. Watch Below!

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BBC 2 just shared on her Twitter 2 New Footages of Jamie in The Fall Series 2. Watch Below!

Jamie, Amelia and their daughter were spotted having Coffee this morning in London. You can find 37 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery and you can watch the Video below. Enjoy!

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tumblr_mnl1tuMOYY1qfg9xxo3_250 tumblr_mnl1tuMOYY1qfg9xxo4_250

Jamie Dornan will be back playing killer Paul Spector in The Fall next month. BAFTA announced today there will be a screening for the hit BBC thriller in September in London. It means Dornan and Gillian Anderson – who plays Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson will be reunited on screen. The pair will also do a Q&A at the September screening.

It’s thought the second series of the crime drama could then go out in October on BBC2.

The Fall season two will also feature former Merlin star Colin Morgan in a lead role, playing DS Tom Anderson. Describing his role in the drama, Jamie admitted it was full-on.

He said: “I don’t think it would have been too good for me to stay in that head space for three months. When it was appropriate, I would make someone laugh.

“There were scenes where I’ve got a ligature around my victim’s neck and I’m ­pretending to squeeze with all my life.

“She’s foaming at the mouth, my sweat’s ­dripping in her eyes, I’m watching her die and her eyes are bulging.

“After every one of those scenes, when they’d say, ‘Cut!’ I was saying, ‘Oh my God I’m so sorry.

“I’m going to untie your feet here. Is that OK?’

“Because I am not that guy. I did my best to slip out of it as soon as ‘cut’ was called.

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After several Celebrities, Eddy Redmayne nominated Jamie for the #IceBucketChallenge. They were together so it was an easy nomination to respond. Jamie nominated Andrew Garfield. Watch the amazing Video below!

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Jamie made a lot of fans happy today! He posted his first Picture on Instagram. Check the amazing Picture below and don’t forget to follow him!

Caption: “I am Spartacus – Jamie Dornan. x”