BBC 2 just posted on their Youtube Chanel a New Teaser for their Series. The Fall Series 2 is in it. Watch Below!

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BBC 2 just shared on her Twitter 2 New Footages of Jamie in The Fall Series 2. Watch Below!

Jamie, Amelia and their daughter were spotted having Coffee this morning in London. You can find 37 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery and you can watch the Video below. Enjoy!

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Jamie Dornan will be back playing killer Paul Spector in The Fall next month. BAFTA announced today there will be a screening for the hit BBC thriller in September in London. It means Dornan and Gillian Anderson – who plays Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson will be reunited on screen. The pair will also do a Q&A at the September screening.

It’s thought the second series of the crime drama could then go out in October on BBC2.

The Fall season two will also feature former Merlin star Colin Morgan in a lead role, playing DS Tom Anderson. Describing his role in the drama, Jamie admitted it was full-on.

He said: “I don’t think it would have been too good for me to stay in that head space for three months. When it was appropriate, I would make someone laugh.

“There were scenes where I’ve got a ligature around my victim’s neck and I’m ­pretending to squeeze with all my life.

“She’s foaming at the mouth, my sweat’s ­dripping in her eyes, I’m watching her die and her eyes are bulging.

“After every one of those scenes, when they’d say, ‘Cut!’ I was saying, ‘Oh my God I’m so sorry.

“I’m going to untie your feet here. Is that OK?’

“Because I am not that guy. I did my best to slip out of it as soon as ‘cut’ was called.

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After several Celebrities, Eddy Redmayne nominated Jamie for the #IceBucketChallenge. They were together so it was an easy nomination to respond. Jamie nominated Andrew Garfield. Watch the amazing Video below!

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Jamie made a lot of fans happy today! He posted his first Picture on Instagram. Check the amazing Picture below and don’t forget to follow him!

Caption: “I am Spartacus – Jamie Dornan. x”

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Daniel said that landing the role of billionaire Christian Grey will give Jamie the freedom to choose future projects.

Jamie and Dan both have played the lead characters in two of the best-selling book series of all time, with each shifting hundreds of million of copies worldwide.

Daniel said he does not believe being associated with such an iconic character as Grey will hinder Jamie.

“I think it’s an amazing opportunity to get your work seen by loads of people,” he said. “I consider myself lucky that I’ve already done a huge film franchise.

“Jamie will be able to have control over his career and pick his scripts, which is a position that only a tiny percentage of actors are in.

“Any actor growing up who gets a chance to do something that will take control of their career would be foolish not to take it. I don’t think it will hinder him.”

Former Calvin Klein model Jamie Dornan is now reportedly being targeted by director Guy Ritchie for the lead in his King Arthur series.

However, his first movie after 50 Shades will see him in the leading role in home-grown film, The Siege of Jadotville.

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Dakota will be in the Claiborne Swanson Frank Book. The Book will be out on September, 01 and you can pre-order it HERE for 75$.

New Young Hollywood is a splendid new body of work by portrait photographer and stylist Claiborne Swanson Frank and comes on the heels of her first Assouline book, American Beauty. Swanson Frank photographed sixty of the hottest up-and-coming women in the entertainment industry today—actresses, directors, stylists, and more, from Isabel Lucas and Elisabeth Moss to Mickey Sumner and Amber Heard—drawing inspiration from old Hollywood. Brimming with gorgeous portraits, alongside short texts in the women’s voices, and a foreword by Michael Kors, this beautiful volume captures the essence of what it means to be a starlet in modern-day Hollywood.


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Vanity Fair just shared on their site the Official Pictures from Guy Ritchie’s Clay-Pigeon Shoot at His House in Wiltshire, England. Jamie and his wife Amelia was there. You can find One Picture of them at the Event in the Gallery. Enjoy!

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Elle UK shared on their twitter a Shoot they were doing for December Cover. The Picture looks like Jamie, I kind of think it’s a Picture from his Elle Korea Shoot.

BvExp8GIAAANU7X.jpg large

Of course when they got asked if it was Jamie, they say it was not. But of course, they are not going to tell. We’ll know in November when they will release the Issue. Then they tweeted another thing to tease the fans, so all we have to do is wait… Maybe Mr Dornan will see you in November!

Sans titre-2

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Alex Bramall posted on his instagram a Picture of him and Jamie. It’s most likely for a New Photoshoot and since Alex is working mostly with Vogue, we can hope it’s for this Magazine. See the Picture below!

A New Still from Fifty Shades of Grey was released yesterday. You can find the High Quality Still in the Gallery. Enjoy!

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I’ve added the Outtake of Dakota from Glamour Italia without the tag. You can find One High Quality Picture in the Gallery. Enjoy!

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Jamie and his wife Amelia are featured in the New Issue of Vanity Fair (September). You can find 2 High Quality Scans in the Gallery. Enjoy!

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